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Annual Reports

The success and productivity of PHC researchers is recorded and disseminated to the public in our annual reports. These annual reports help the Research Institute’s collaborators, sponsors, other researchers, policy-makers and students understand the types of projects and research that have been completed during the year and to view the Institute’s progress in overseeing research at Providence while reaching out to new initiatives.

Providence Health Care Research Institute

2006 PHC Research Inaugural Report (pdf)

Providence Health Care

2011/12 Providence Health Care Annual Report (pdf)

2010/11 Providence Health Care Annual Report (pdf)

British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

2008 Aids Annual Report (pdf)

UBC James Hogg Research Centre

2005 iCAPTURE Annual Report (pdf)

Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences (CHÉOS)

2011/2012 CHÉOS Annual Report (pdf)

2010/2011 CHÉOS Annual Report (pdf)

2009/2010 CHÉOS Annual Report (pdf)

Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence (CHAP)

2009/2010 CHAP Annual Report