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Deadlines & Meeting Dates

Full Board Review
The UBC-PHC Research Ethics Board is normally scheduled to meet on the last Friday of the month. The December meeting is scheduled for the second Friday of the month. Applications must be submitted three weeks prior.

Please note that researchers must first submit the electronic application to his or her department head for approval. Researchers are advised to submit the applications for department head approval at least three days in advance of the REB submission deadline dates. In time sensitive situations, its best to advise your Department Head that the study is waiting for their sign-off. If the Department Head is involved in your study, you should alert the designated alternate to sign your application in place of the Department Head.

The submission deadlines given below are the dates the application must reach the Research Ethics Board.

2015 UBC PHC REB Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Submission DeadlinesReview Meeting Dates
January 2 January 30
February 6 February 27
March 6 March 27
April 3 April 24
May 1 May 29
June 5 June 26
July 3 July 31
August 7 August 28
September 4 September 25
October 2 October 30
November 6 November 27
November 20 December 11

Please click on a link below for a copy in pdf format:

***NEW 2016 UBC PHC REB Deadlines and Meeting Dates***


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2015 UBC PHC REB Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Expedited Review (minimal risk)
There are no submission deadlines for projects qualifying for minimal risk review criteria. Upon submitting a request for expedited review, the RISe system will send an automated message to the research project principal investigator and primary contact indicating a "virtual" meeting date for the review. It does not necessarily mean that the application will be reviewed on that specific date.

Typically the REB reviews minimal risk applications within two weeks of the virtual meeting date but this can vary.