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The PHCRI Finance team provides financial accountability of research funds held in trust accounts at PHCRI. Research Trust Accounts are maintained by the Providence Health Care Research Institute (PHCRI) for designated activities that further the mission of the PHCRI.

New Accounts

A new trust account is required for each new contract, agreement or grant and for different funding sources. To open a new trust account, please forward the following documents to the PHCRI Bookkeeper:

  • A completed and signed "Research Trust Account Application and Signing Authority Form”
  • The budget for the project and a copy of the contractual agreement with the sponsor outlining their financial commitment
  • A copy of the award notice (for grants only)
  • A copy of the terms & conditions governing the use of the funds (for grants only)

Closing of Accounts

Upon the completion of a project it is important that the PHCRI Finance Team be informed for the account to be closed. Any remaining balance must be expensed or transferred within the terms of reference of the account. In order to close a trust account, please forward the following document to the PHCRI Accountant:

Signing Authority

It is important to ensure the signing authority for each trust account is up to date. For any signing authority changes, please forward the following document to the PHCRI Accountant:

Accounts Receivable

All cheques for research trust accounts must be made payable to “Providence Health Care Research Institute Trust” and identified with the trust account number or principle investigator name. Funds received by the grantees or departments should then be forwarded with the following documents to the PHCRI Bookkeeper:

Accounts Payable

For payment requests from a trust account, please forward the following documents to the PHCRI Accountant on or before the Cheque Request Submission Deadline.

Please note incomplete requests will be returned to the individual preparing the form which could cause a delay in payment.

Research Overheads

For payment requests from the Research Overhead account, please forward the following documents to the PHCRI Bookkeeper:


For accounting purposes it is important to capture all revenue and expenses in the correct accounting period. In cases where an invoice or cheque has not been received but is expected, we are required to accrue these to the trust account.

On a monthly basis the PHCRI Accountant will request a list of outstanding invoices or payments to be accrued to the trust accounts. Please ensure these e-mails are responded to, to comply with our auditing requirements.

Finance Policies

PHCRI Finance Team

Jo-Lynn Mervyn, Finance Manager
jo-lynn.mervyn@hli.ubc.ca or 604-806-9146
Queries related to Policies and Procedures, Indirect Costs of Research, General Finance comments, questions or concerns.

Freda Liang, Accountant
fliang@providencehealth.bc.ca or 604-682-2344 ext. 63438
Queries related to Accounts Payable, Inter-unit Transfer, Monthly Statements or Finance Generated Journal entries.

Cindy Paddon, Bookkeeper
cpaddon@providencehealth.bc.ca or 604-682-2344 ext. 62843
Queries related to Accounts Receivable, Overhead and PHCRI Payroll.

Tracy Yang, Finance Administrator
604-682-2344 ext. 66053
Queries related to HLI Finances.

Harina Kang , Finance Processing Specialist
harina.kang@hli.ubc.ca or 604-806-8041
Queries related to HLI Finances.

Samantha Athey, Finance Processing Specialist
samantha.athey@hli.ubc.ca or 604-682-2344 ext. 66980
Queries related to HLI Finances.

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