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Forms & Guidance

Click on the links below to view or download PDF versions of the Forms and Guidance Notes concerning Behavioural and Clinical policy and procedures.

Behavioural Forms & Guidance Notes

Guidance Note on Behavioural Application

RISe Application Guidance Notes                                                              Behavioural Human Ethics Application (for review purposes only)
Please click on the link below to actually complete the application.
Application for Behavioural Ethical Review

Behavioural Consent Form Guidelines

Clinical Forms & Guidance Notes             

Guidance Notes for Clinical Research
RISe Application Guidance Notes                                                                   Clinical Human Ethics Application (for review purposes only)
Please click on the link below to actually complete the application.
Application for Clinical Ethical Review



BC Common Clinical Informed Consent Form Template

Optional Consent Form Template (e.g. Tissue Banking, DNA Testing, etc.) January 2015

Biobanking Consent Form Template  January 2015

Adolescent Assent Form Template  January 2015

Assent Form Template January 2015

Peer-Scientific Review Template June 2015

UBC Checklist for Privacy in Research

FDA Issues Guidance on New ICF Requirements

          Q&A on ICF Elements 21 CFR &50.25

FDA Wording Clarification in the ICF Template

New Application Guidance Note

UBC Policy on Mandatory Tissue Banking
Guidance Notes for Tissue Collection and Banking

Guidance Notes for Incidental Findings in Genetic & Genomic Research

Guidance Notes for Minimal Risk Studies ~ See Guidance Note #5      Guidance Notes for Radiation Exposure (DRAFT)                                           Guidance Notes for Harmonized Studies Updated May 2015


Post Approval Activities

Guidance Notes

Guidance Notes for Annual Renewals
    Failure to Comply with Requirements for Annual Renewal

    Fee for Annual Renewal
Guidance Notes for Amendments
Guidance Notes for Request for Acknowledgement
Guidance Notes for Notification of Study Closure
Guidance Notes for Protocol Deviations
Guidance Notes for Reporting Unanticipated Problems


The following Post Approval Activity (PAA) forms are for review purposes only. Please log into RISe to complete the relevant PAA. 

PAA - Amendments 

PAA - Annual Renewal 

PAA - Completion of Clinical Study 

PAA - Request for Acknowledgement


Other Resources


Checklist for Quality Improvement, Quality Assurance
PHC RI Plain Words Watch List
PHCRI Plain Language Research Tips
Plain Language Research Glossary
Alternate Word Glossary (University of Western Ontario)
Plain Language Medical Dictionary (University of Michigan)
Group Health Institute's Program for Readability in Science & Medicine

Engaging Limited English Proficient Participants

Tips for Working with an Interpreter

Steps for Translating Research Materials


Letter of Invitation Templates

Chinese Traditional (Cantonese)

Chinese Simplified (Mandarin)



UBC REB Policy on Electronic Signatures

Stamped Approval on Consent Forms