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The following is a list of the current Research Ethics Board members.

Dr. Kuo Hsing Kuo (Chair), Pharmacology
Dr. Ingrid Fedoroff (Associate Chair), Psychology Services
Dr. Jill Kernahan (Associate Chair), Family Medicine
Dr. Eve Aymong, Cardiovascular
Dr. Boris Feldman, Psychiatry
Ms. Annemarie Kaan, Clinical Nurse Specialist Acute/Chronic Heart Failure
Mr. Michael Kleisinger, Lawyer
Dr. Quincy-Robyn Young, Cardiac Psychologist/Behavioural Health
Dr. David Unger, Medicine, Bioethics
Dr. Robert Boone, Cardiology
Dr. Martha Mackay, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Cardiology
Ms. Belinda-Ann Furlan, Nurse Practitioner - Cardiology
Ms. Bonnie MacKenzie, Community Member

Dr. Stephen Hoption Cann, Epidemiology

Ms. Sarah Harbottle, Lawyer

Ms. Katherine Saunders, Lawyer

Ms. MaryEllen Gillan, Community Member

Dr. Alice Hawkins Virani , Lawyer

Ms Nina Preto , Ethicist

Dr. Peter Battershill, Ethicist

Dr. Johnna Fisher, Ethicist

Dr. John Russell, Ethicist

Ad Hoc

Dr. Ardis Krueger, Naturopathic Medicine
Dr. Manoj Raval, General Surgery

Dr. Thomas Kerr, Centre for Excellence HIV/AIDS
Dr. Nadia Khan, Internal Medicine

Ms. Patricia Lauridsen-Hoegh, Nursing - HIV

Dr. Stephen Pinney, Orthopedics

If you are interested in becoming a member, we would like to hear from you. Please contact the Ethics Office.

Click on a link below for versions of current / past membership lists:

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PHC REB Membership List: March 2013

PHC REB Membership List: March 2012

PHC REB Membership List: October 2011
PHC REB Membership List: August 2011
PHC REB Membership List: October 2010
PHC REB Membership List: March 2010

Annual Reports

Please click on a link below to download a specific annual report document.

PHC REB Annual Report 2011

PHC REB Annual Report 2010

PHC REB Annual Report 2009
PHC REB Annual Report 2008

PHC REB Annual Report 2007